Arrested for DUI? Here are Mistakes You Should Avoid Making

Being stopped and investigated by a police officer for a DUI charge can be traumatic. You may not know what to do or say. Because of this, you may make some mistakes that will hurt your chances of avoiding a DUI conviction. These mistakes can include the following:

Believing You Can Change the Arresting Officer’s Decision

When a police officer arrests you for a DUI, whatever you say or do won’t affect their decision. From the time the officer stopped you, they will start looking for evidence to support the arrest. That is why you need to contact a Rochester criminal defense lawyer right after your arrest. 

Responding to Questioning

During an arrest and questioning, you can give the officer just your name, license, and registration. You do not need to answer any DUI-related questions from them. Just tell the officer that you would want to speak to your attorney first before you answer their questions. Make sure to say this politely.

Taking an Attitude

Lashing out or being angry at your arresting officer will not help your situation at all. In fact, it can make it worse. Regardless of how you are being treated, try to be as nice as possible. Aggressive behavior can be related to intoxication. You don’t want the DUI arrest report to include this behavior. 

Assuming You are Guilty

When you are stopped and arrested for a DUI, do not assume you are guilty. DUI laws in the state are harsh and complicated. You may be charged with drunk driving offenses but you have several defenses you can use. In addition, even if you drove your car above the legal limit, arrest-related mistakes such as police misconduct could still offer defenses that let you avoid a DUI conviction. By assuming you are guilty, you give up your fight. This will result in you facing unnecessary long-term consequences. Keep in mind that a DUI charge can come with maximum penalties and can have a negative effect on your life even if you have served your sentence. Your lawyer can determine the defenses you can take advantage of and use their experience to mitigate the consequences of your DUI arrest. 

Not Taking a DUI Charge Seriously

Not doing anything does not mean your charge will disappear. And if you don’t appear in court, you could face consequences that include extra charges. Should you skip a DUI hearing, make sure to speak with your lawyer. Your lawyer will explain what you must know and represent you in court until your DUI case is resolved.   

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