Avoid the Suspension of Your Driver’s License with the Help of a DUI Lawyer

One of the consequences of being arrested and charged with DUI is having your driver’s license suspended. In severe cases, your license may be revoked. Losing your license can impact your life, especially if you drive often. Driving yourself to work or attending other functions that require travel is impossible. You risk an immediate suspension of your driver’s license if you have been arrested for DUI or refuse to take a breath, blood, or alcohol test. However, that does not mean you can no longer drive. DUI defense attorneys help people with DUI charges to avoid license suspension. This article will focus on how to avoid the suspension of your driver’s license with the help of an attorney.

Facing License Suspension after a DUI

If you are arrested for DUI, your license will be automatically suspended. However, the suspension period depends on the number of times you have been arrested. If it is your first time, the license may be suspended for six months. You get a one-year suspension for the second offense and two years or more for three and subsequent offenses. Refusing to cooperate with the officers who have arrested you may also lead to losing your driving privileges.

The suspension of your license depends on the BAC level and the number of previous DUI offenses. The BAC levels start from 0.8 for the infraction level and 10% higher for the felony level. Apart from losing your license, you may also face other penalties if you plead guilty. For example, you could pay thousands of dollars or face jail time. You must remember that DUI charges have severe consequences. Therefore, having the help of a lawyer is crucial. The lawyer will do everything to ensure you are not found guilty.

You May Keep Your License After a Conviction

The Department of Motor Vehicles states that you may be able to keep your license. However, you will need to appear before the judge to convince them that you need your license. You must give a viable reason why you must have your license. So, make sure you have a lawyer who can help you.

Hiring a DUI defense attorney is the most important thing you can do to fight for your rights. The lawyer will use their knowledge and experience to reduce or eliminate the charges. The lawyer will prevent the suspension of your license by presenting testimony and evidence. In case you were not arrested while under the influence or the arresting officer made a mistake when determining the level of your intoxication, your lawyer will be there to prove it. They will put you in a better position to avoid conviction, license suspension, and other consequences.

Avoid Your Driver’s License Suspension with a DUI Lawyer

If you have been charged with DUI, there are many consequences you will face. The most obvious one is the suspension of your driver’s license. Therefore, ensure you have a lawyer by your side to prevent license suspension and other charges.

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