Car accident in Atlanta: Reasons why you may need a lawyer!

A huge number of traffic accidents and crashes are reported in Georgia each year. Most accidents are a result of recklessness, disregard for safety, unsafe driving, distracted driving, neglect, speeding, and/or similar reasons. If you have suffered injuries in such an accident because of the other driver’s neglect, you can file a claim with their insurer company. The compensation will come in handy for handling your financial distress, including medical bills and loss of wages. Should you consider consulting one of the accident attorneys in Atlanta? In this post, we are sharing more on car accident laws and when hiring an attorney is necessary. 

Georgia’s car accident laws

The “statute of limitations” in Georgia allows a period of two years to file personal injury lawsuits against the party at-fault. The count starts from the date of the accident. In case a life was lost, the immediate family can bring a wrongful death lawsuit, for which the time deadline remains the same. However, the clock starts ticking from the date of death, not the accident date as both can be different.

Also, Georgia follows the modified comparative negligence rule. This means that if one party had part share in fault, they cannot get the full compensation they have been awarded. For instance, if you are given $10,000 in compensation and your share of blame is marked at 30%, you will only get $7,000. Note that if your share of blame is more than 50%, you cannot recover anything at all. 

When should you hire an accident attorney?

Here are some reasons for hiring accident attorneys in Atlanta, Georgia – 

  1. You have suffered serious, debilitating, or catastrophic injuries
  2. You may have suffered permanent or temporary disabilities
  3. You were partly at fault for the accident
  4. There are other parties involved
  5. Your claim has been denied. 

It is wise to be realistic with the offer made by the claims adjuster. They are always trying to minimize the financial burden of the company, and therefore, they will always offer less than what you deserve. You need an accident attorney, so that you don’t get a raw deal. A reliable lawyer will ensure that you get advice on how to take the claim ahead and negotiate with the insurance company. If they cannot settle things as expected, they can file a personal injury lawsuit and represent you in court. 

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