Child Molestation Has Become a Social Malady in Our Country

The offense of sexual acts with minor is increasing day by day. However, it includes stirring of private parts, contact of genitalia, captivating of pornographic pictures.Thus, the majority of the time it happens when a mature or older juvenile uses a child for sexual stimuli. Hence, a child molestation defense lawyer can play a major role to save society from this disease. Molestation is considered as one of the serious issues as it is a form of sexual crime. Moreover, this term is nowhere defined in the Indian Law. According to law, it is defined that there is a sexual force upon somebody without any consent. However, the victim can be a minor, an adult or may be old age also.

Teach Children against Molestation

However, it’s mandatory to increase sexual awareness to children. It will help them to keep safe from all unexpected scenario, and no doubt, effort must come first from their parents. Thus, parents teach them to watch the hot stove. Also teach them to look both ways before they cross the street, but body safety they don’t teach until much older. In India, more often child abusing take place under five years of age group.Parents frequently say, they could not think that abusing can happen.Hence, they not at all put down their kids with strangers.Moreover, they always keep their kids within their eyesight. But what actually require is, talk to the children about body safety. Parents always think that, kids are too young and discussion is too scary. Thus, it is not at all a scary conversation. Few points are there that could help children be fewersusceptible to sexual abuse.

  • Talk about body parts early

Parents may name body parts and talk about them to their kids at a very early age. However, lots of children from urban areas are not aware about their vagina or bottom. Teachers also take a vital place here. They can teach adolescent boys and girls in a comfortable way.

  • Teach kids that several body parts are secret

However, parents and teachers both can play a vital role to teach children. They must teach children that private parts are called private as they are not for each one to see. Moreover, make clear that only parents can see them undressed. But people outside of their home must only see them totally covered.

  • Tell child that body secrets are not always required

Whenever crime happens, the majority of perpetrators tell the child to keep the incident secret. Hence, parents should take necessary action. If a child is molested, then no need to hide the incident. Moreover, parents must go to a child molestation defense lawyer who can take a vital role and be able to give justice to the child and his or her family.


However, molestation charges are extremely serious. Thus, if the incident occurs, immediately the family should contact a child molestation defense lawyer.Moreover, penalties for molestation are very high and only professionals can take necessary steps.

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