Criminal Law Regulations In Cyprus

Criminal law is a lot of guidelines that demonstrate the activities the general public objects. A criminal wrong contrasts from common wrong. Accurately, a criminal wrong indicates an activity that unpardonably and inadmissibly undermines or makes harm people or the general public. Criminal law centers around securing society and dishearten criminal acts, by forcing disciplines on individuals leading these activities. It is momentous that Criminal law guidelines in Cyprus reflect to an incredible expand the fundamental standards and significant offenses of the English Common Law.

The Criminal Code (Cap. 154) incorporates all the fundamental offenses and criminal duties. Then again, the Criminal Procedure Law (Cap. 155), manages all the issues identified with criminal procedures. Correctly, the structure of the Criminal Procedure Law imagines to offer help to every single huge arrangement of the Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus, the European Convention of Human Rights and other worldwide settlements. This guarantees the utilization of the law in a manner that secures the privileges of the residents and simultaneously isn’t keeping the assurance of people from criminal wrongs and the conferment of equity.

Criminal Responsibility and Proceedings:

Before continuing with the general criminal obligation rules in Cyprus, it ought to be explained that a person younger than 10 can’t be held criminally at risk for any offense carried out. Following the arrangements of the Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus, each individual accused of an offense is considered as being blameless until demonstrated liable. In this way, the arraignment must demonstrate that the blamed individual is blameworthy past any sensible uncertainty. In other words, the weight of confirmation falls on the arraignment side. Moreover, it ought to be featured that criminal duty or potentially endorses are forced just if there is a reasonable criminal expectation.

As a rule, the criminal arraignments are established by the state. As indicated by the Constitution, the Attorney General of the Republic, who is a free official of the legislature, may organize, lead, assume control over, proceed and stop any procedures for an offense against any individual in the Republic of Cyprus. Besides, the Police may establish procedures through the District Divisional Commander of the Police dependent on the arrangements of the Police Law (Cap. 285). These cases will in general have an open component and they are consistently under the oversight of Attorney General.

Exactly, in Cyprus, criminal equity is authorized by:

Region Courts

Assize Court

Preeminent Court of Cyprus

There is a wide range of acts that contain a criminal wrong and are culpable in the Republic of Cyprus, some of them are recorded underneath:

Brutal wrongdoing




Medication dealing and ownership

Misrepresentation and illegal tax avoidance

Smashed driving and other street traffic offenses


Disciplines are characterized dependent on the seriousness of the wrongdoing submitted. Some striking instances of discipline are:


Suspended sentence

Home detainment



Criminal procedures require the quick inclusion of experienced and devoted legal counselors. An accomplished attorney will consider your case completely and give you a satisfactory legitimate help.

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