Five Things Conditional Green Card Holders MUST Know About Removal of Conditions!

Many immigrants are given permanent residencies in the United States, but these residencies often come with certain conditions. Conditional green cards are usually valid for at most two years, which of course are different from permanent green cards that are indefinitely valid.

This article is intended to support conditional green card holders in their efforts to move their legal processes forward, and we’ve teamed up with a SYG Law Firm, a Removal of Conditions attorney in Temecula, CA, to support us in creating this list of five things conditional green card holders MUST know about removing certain conditions on green cards!

Five Things Conditional Green Card Holders Absolutely NEED To Know!

The following list is oriented towards helping conditional green card holders with removing conditions. Here’s what you absolutely need to know:

Conditional Green Cards Can’t Be Renewed

A conditional green card holder can potentially lose their permanent resident status if they fail to apply for specific removal of conditions, or if an application for a removal of conditions is denied.

This is why it’s so important for green card holders to keep track of their process timelines, and always have their documentation and information assembled and submitted well before any deadlines.

Applying For A Removal Of Conditions Is Different Than Applying For A Green Card

This specifically pertains to conditional green card holders that are marriage-based, because the majority of these green card holders will need to be a part of a joint application for a removal of conditions (along with the American spouse).

But if you’re a green card holder who’s recently divorced from an American citizen, then you can file to remove conditions given certain conditions and circumstances. This type of filing process is often very complicated, which is why legal support is typically necessary.

You’ll Need Substantive Evidence To Adequately Support A Removal of Conditions Application

If you’re a marriage-based green card holder, then you’ll need affidavits from people close to you and your spouse who you think has personal knowledge about your marriage.

Other forms of substantive evidence can include joint titles to properties, joint bank statements, joint tax returns, and other forms of evidence that prove how the couple is living together as a married husband and wife.

Removal of Conditions Applications Need To Be Filed Within The 90 Days Before A Green Card Expiration Date

When an application for a removal of conditions isn’t properly filed within this 90-day period, the green card holder can put themselves at a serious risk. You may even be subjected to immediate removal from the country when the green card expiration date comes about.

Even though there are many different extenuating circumstances when it comes to late applications, there’s no reason to put yourself at rick of removal!

Conditional Residency Is Extended As Applications Are Processed By The USCIS

What’s ironic about the 90-day preceding expiration period is that, especially when considering Dallas USCIS Processing Times, the USCIS often takes much longer than 90 days to process these types of applications. Sometimes this processing period can take several months, or even a year to finalize!

This is why an applicant’s status is always extended while things are still pending. And it’s also important for applicants to know that they still can continue to travel and work within the United States when they carry their proof of green card status extension with them.

Contact The Legal Experts at the SYG Law Firm When You Need A Removal of Conditions Attorney!

Removing conditions can be difficult for conditional green card holders, which is why these individuals need to turn to experienced legal specialists for this type of filling process.

So if you or a loved one is currently in need of a Removal of Conditions attorney, go to the link at the top of the page and speak directly with the SYG Law Firm team today!

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