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How You May Qualify for a Zantac Lawsuit Settlement

If you have been prescribed any medication by your medical practitioner, you expect it to help your medical condition without causing any harm to your health. However, this is not true every time. In spite of being approved by US FDA, some medications have later proved to have adverse side effects or are cancer causing. Once such medicine is Zantac.

How can someone qualify for Zantac Settlement?

FDA has provided warnings that Zantac or ranitidine a medicine used for heartburn can potentially cause cancer as it is contaminated with the chemical NDMA. FDA has also requested manufactures to retract Zantac from the market.

You can qualify for Zantac settlement under the following circumstances:

  • You consumed Zantac for at least 6 months before your cancer diagnosis
  • You consumed a minimum of 300 mg of Zantac each week while you were using the medicine
  • Your cancer was diagnosed no more than 10 years after you started using Zantac
  • You were diagnosed with cancer involving one of the following – brain, throat, nasal, esophageal, lung, thyroid, breast, stomach, liver, kidney, bladder, intestinal, colorectal, prostate, pancreatic, ovarian, uterine, or non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, or leukemia or multiple myeloma

Proving a Defective Drug Lawsuit

Proving a defective drug in a lawsuit can often be difficult. Thanks to the lawyers at Riddle and Brantley, with this additional information you’ll know what you need to better make your case. To be able to qualify for compensation, the following needs to be proven.

  1. You used the product: You are required to provide evidence that you consumed Zantac. This can be proven through your pharmacy records. If you have consumed over the counter medicine, you can provide receipts, doctor’s notes about recommended usage or any associated evidence.
  2. You developed cancer: In order for you to file a lawsuit, you are also required to prove that you have developed cancer after administering Zantac. This can be easily established using your medical records or through the support of expert medical testimony. If the cancer has proven to be fatal and caused death, then the death certificate and autopsy report are important evidence.
  3. Zantac caused the cancer: For you to prove that cancer was caused by taking Zantac, you can take legal assistance. An attorney can help you evaluate the factors for your case such as the duration of taking the drug, the drug dose, when were you diagnosed. For example, if you are diagnosed one day after taking your first Zantac then it is most likely not caused by using Zantac. The longer the duration of consuming Zantac and the higher the frequency of consumption, the higher is the likeliness of cancer caused by Zantac.

How can a Good Lawyer help you?

Successfully filing a lawsuit and proving a defective drug case is impossible without having an expert legal representation. You can learn more about your legal rights if you speak to a Zantac cancer lawyer. An experienced attorney will have years of legal expertise in representing individuals and fighting defective drug cases. You have been wronged if you have suffered cancer on account of contaminated Zantac. A good Zantac lawsuit attorney will help you receive the full settlement that you deserve.

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