Is it necessary to hire a child support lawyer during a divorce?

While the law doesn’t dictate you to appoint a lawyer who can handle child support on your behalf, it is sometimes a wise idea in a few situations. If you’re in the middle of a divorce or a dispute and your spouse and you don’t agree on the terms of support or custody, it is even better to hire a lawyer. 

There may arise situations where the couples sternly disagree and this will require the instant interference of the judge. Check out what a Sandy child support lawyer will do for you. 

Child Support Lawyer – What does he do?

A family law attorney will assist you with your divorce case by helping you in different matters like:

  • He explains legal matters and tells you how much to expect at each stage
  • Determine the child support payments that you predict
  • Evaluate the case and give you advice on how to move on with the case
  • Negotiate with the jury members
  • Represent you before the judge and safeguard your rights

What issues should you keep in mind for the child support case?

Before you choose to hire a child support lawyer, here are a few issues to keep in mind:

  • Could you prove the paternity of the father?
  • Can you and your ex-spouse agree on the child support terms?
  • Do you have a custody case pending at court?
  • Are the child support obligations going to end very soon?
  • Will you enforce child support after the order is passed by the court?
  • How much child support do you expect?
  • Will the child support have a negative impact on your finances or your tax return?

Child support attorney – How much does he cost?

When you hire a child support attorney, he will either charge you a flat charge or a fee on an hourly basis. There are a few child support lawyers who might ask you for a retainer fee in lieu of their services. 

The total money that you’ll have to pay will be based on the attorney’s experience and the extent of complications of the case. There are times when you may also have to pay additional fees. These are payments that are linked with your case along with the court fees. 

Disputes about child support are usually complicated and stressful. It is always better to join hands with a child support attorney as he is the one who will help you understand the child support laws and offer the best solution. 

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