Subrogation Creative Solutions to Maximize Recoveries and Mitigate Exposure

Subrogation is the transfer of a debt or insurance claim of one person or group with another and the associated duties and rights. The process helps recover costs from the fault party insurance company if the victim isn’t at fault. Jones Jones LLC provides a full-service subrogation service with creative solutions that maximize recoveries and mitigate exposure. The experts provide a third-party subrogation program that is beyond the collection of lien and credit assertion. In addition, the NYC subrogation lawyer comes well versed with the nuances of statutes, regulations, and current case law that enables them to find the best possible opportunities for recovery. Some of the creative solutions employed by the law firm include:

Lien and credit rights

The right to a lien against the claimant’s recovery for third-party negligence and credit in the amount the net recovery in the third-party action is provided in the workers’ compensation law. The NYC subrogation lawyer conducts a thorough court records search for any third party actions subjected to a lien and subsequently advises the parties of their lien rights. In addition, they thoroughly monitor the third-party action to ensure that those rights get protected. Once the third-party action is resolved, the law firm helps clients calculate the credit they are entitled to and ensure it is appropriately applied to prevent future exposure. In addition, they look for other opportunities that include loss transfer for the recoveries of losses that can’t get included in the lien. The efforts are to ensure that the best possible recoveries are realized and fully exploited for maximum recovery.

Holistic approach 

Subrogation claims require the involvement of a qualified NYC subrogation lawyer to ensure maximum recoveries and exposure mitigation. Jones and Jones LLC have immense knowledge that includes the workers’ compensation law and isn’t limited to subrogation. Each case gets well evaluated to ensure that only the possible solution gets used to achieve optimal results for the clients. The knowledge enables the lawyers to provide adequate professional assistance that yields positive results and aid every client’s unique issues. In addition, the lawyers realize that the best result never gets achieved through the simple assertion of maximum lien and credit. The realization enables them to be thorough in their service and guarantee a happy outcome at the end of it all.

Global settlements

Global settlements enable the law firm to negotiate a highly favorable resolution and close the claim for far less than would have been possible. The process is achieved by bringing together all parties in the workers’ compensation claim and third-party action. In addition, the NYC subrogation lawyer global settlement gets considered to be in the best interest of the clients as it includes the workers’ compensation claim and claimant’s third-party action, fully taking into account the client subrogation rights.  Regardless of whether the lawyers handle the entire case or just the subrogation part, the lawyers come confident that they can find the right solution for the best result from the subrogation claim.

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