The Details of Dental Associate Contracts

A dental associate employee agreement is the initial of the numerous legal papers a dentist will come across in their lengthy profession. A well-written associate agreement will outline the parties’ obligations and the working relationship guidelines. It is wise to fully comprehend these contracts before signing one because they are legally enforceable, and getting help from a Los Angeles physician attorney is advised.

What do you mean by dental associate agreements?

A dental associate agreement is a contract outlining the employment conditions between a dental lawyer and the dental practice. The associate agreement spells out the parties’ responsibilities and rights. It establishes the conditions of the partnership moving forward, even though many aspects may have been established during the screening and hiring process.

Whom do they serve?

Dental associate contracts are most frequently used by recently graduated dentists who want to gain knowledge and experience by working in an established dental office. Associate agreements, nevertheless, can also be used by specialists or established dentists who want to practice part-time at a clinic.

What to keep an eye out for?

Several dental associates need to pay more attention to some of these agreements’ more minute features. If you do not know what you are looking for, your employer may quickly become upset with you.

The following are some things to watch out for:

  • Percentage-based or salary remuneration

You need to know if you receive a fixed monthly wage or whether your services are paid for using a production-based formula. Many dental offices pay their associates depending on their income or overall office. Based on the clinic’s popularity, a pay structure based on a percentage may enable you to make more money.

  • Insurance coverage

You should understand whether your employer will pay for your malpractice suits or if you will be responsible for this cost. Finding out if your malpractice insurance will be “claims made” insurance is crucial if the dentist’s office will pay for it.

  • Term contracts versus at-will contracts

The terms of associate contracts can be “at-will” or predetermined. With an at-will contract, either side may end the arrangement at any time.

A handful of years or months are designated in agreements for a specific term. Knowing your choices for extending the employment relationship when your contract has a set expiration is crucial. The agreement will usually specify how the parties can extend the employment contract. However, occasionally the contract will have a clause that states that the agreement will automatically renew unless either side opts out before a specific time. It is wise for an employee to review the employment situation towards the conclusion of the contract period and bargain for a higher salary before the agreement is renewed automatically.

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