Things to avoid while driving 

You should always keep yourself focused and alert while you are driving, as accidents can even occur after you lose consciousness due to the negligence of another driver. You should always follow the traffic rules and regulations on the road to avoid the chances of an accident. Most importantly, you should never drink while you are driving, as it can be hazardous and you can get involved in a driving under the influence case. Once you get involved in such a case you may even have to be in jail. Also, you have to pay a large number of penalties and legal fees. On top of that, it also affects your esteem, prestige, and future opportunities. 

Here are some safety tips which you should follow while driving 

  • You should always keep your vehicle in the right lane. Always be alert and drive consciously so that you can easily handle any emergency that arrives. 
  • Always wear a seatbelt and do run your vehicle to the controllable speed. Over speeding sometimes can make your vehicle imbalanced and uncontrollable. 
  • You should never drink while you are driving, even 0.08% of alcohol in your bloodstream can be responsible for a huge penalty and fees. You can get involved in a DUI which can ruin your present and even your future opportunities. 
  • Always check the vehicle before going for a ride because a minor failure in the vehicle can be responsible for a serious accident and fatal injuries. 
  • Adjust your seat according to your comfort. Do not bring or take the seat too close or near to the steering wheel. An improper adjustment of your seat can cause disturbance in controlling your vehicle. 
  • You should not engage in doing something else while you are driving such as talking with the person next to you, using your mobile, etc. Such distractions can make it difficult for you to tackle any kind of emergency. 


Prevention is always better than cure, and so, you must follow all the tips mentioned above while you are driving. Being alert and taking all the safety precautions is important to ensure that you don’t land up with any unfortunate incidents. Also, you should always keep all the legal documents like your license, insurance papers, legal permit, etc. so that you can avail them if you get involved in any kind of accident or legal act.

Manolo Hilton
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