What Does a Credit Repair Attorney Do?

According to research, 5% of consumers have errors on at least one of their credit reports. These errors reduce their credit scores and their ability to get future loans and make them pay higher interest rates. In the past, people had to spend years complaining about the same credit issue in court. However, nowadays, there are many attorneys who can deal with such matters.

An experienced credit repair attorney uses their expertise to restore poor credit scores at a fee. Besides, a credit repair attorney also performs the following services:

Reviewing Credit Reports

Repairing credit errors can be a tricky and challenging task. This is why people appoint attorneys to check on their reports regularly. The purpose of reviewing a credit report is to evaluate any potential errors. Cases have occurred where people’s credit information gets into files that are not theirs. Such incidents make a stranger somewhere start dealing with matters of poor credit scores when the mess is not theirs. This is where a credit lawyer comes in handy; to review such errors and suggest ways to improve the score.

Negotiating with Credit Reporting Agencies

In cases where a customer has problems like late payments, charge offs, repossessions, tax liens, and foreclosures, a lawyer negotiates with the agencies on their behalf. An attorney makes customers aware of their rights as consumers and helps them fight agencies. Customers who choose not to involve lawyers may have to go through a series of processes. They have to make phone calls, send e-mails, and ask for correspondence; the process is complex and requires one to be persistent. These are some of the many reasons why customers prefer using a lawyer.

Negotiating Settlement Amounts with Creditors

Sometimes, people have many debts, and others increase instantly if not paid within the stipulated terms and dates. A debt settlement attorney reduces such people’s frustration by pleading with the creditors on their behalf. They apologize for late payments in case of any and negotiate with the creditors to reduce significantly high payments. Some even deal with credit bureaus to settle their customer’s past debts. With an attorney, a customer is hopeful of better results than if they did it themselves.

Representing their Client in Court

When a creditor sues someone, they have the following choices for dealing with the lawsuit. All options are effective; it all depends on the debtor’s choice.

  • The statute of limitations
  • The creditor filed the case in the wrong court.
  • The creditor cannot produce the original paperwork as proof of debt.

People get in touch with credit repair attorneys after their creditors have taken legal action against them. On most occasions, creditors sue customers after they fail to pay their debts prior to the agreements made. The attorneys represent the debtors in criminal proceedings and act in favor of them. They even help the debtor evaluate the creditor’s case to decide on the best defense mechanism. If the debtor has a valid counterclaim to the lawsuit, they can easily win the case.

Need an expert attorney for debt settlement? Ask for recommendations from friends or search for an experienced credit repair attorney online.

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