What One Needs to Know After Being Charged with Rape Assault?

Rape is nothing but sexual intercourse that is done forcefully. Sexual intercourse is done with a woman’s consent or will, known as rape. Rape is a crime. The laws prepared are not neutral to gender. So, some are misusing the law. As a result, the number of false rape cases is growing daily. So, it is essential to learn how to defend rape accusations tactfully.

What Are The Common Reasons For False Rape Cases?

False rape cases can occur due to a lot of reasons. Even an innocent person requires an attorney to defend rape accusations. The common reasons for false rape cases are:

  • Misidentification: Sometimes, the victim mistakenly identifies a person as the rapist for being extremely confused.
  • Revenge: If a person is accused of a false rape case, it can quickly destroy their life within a short time. Some people often claim a person to be a rapist wishfully for destroying their lives.
  • Guilt: Some people repent or feel guilty after having sexual intercourse wishfully. That is why they later claim that sexual intercourse is a rape case to give a layer to the truth.

What Are The Defences To Rape Accusations? 

One can defend accusations by following the things given below:

  • Consent

Some people engage in sexual intercourse willingly, but after encountering their angry partner, spouse, or parent, they claim they were raped. This is nothing but a false accusation. Due to these lies, the accused has to go through a long-term legal process. That is why one must appoint an efficient lawyer to eliminate the accusation.

  • Mistake: Sometimes, the victims identify the wrong person as a rapist. Sometimes there are false forensic DNA reports due to poor collection, preservation, and handling procedures of the evidence. That may confuse people as a consequence, and one is accused of rape committed by someone else. One can hire a lawyer to defend such cases wisely.
  • Non-credibility of the Alleged Victim:

Without being in a stable mental condition, the alleged victims often claim that they were raped while it has not happened. That is why one can defend rape accusations by appointing a lawyer.

  • Physical inability or impotence: If the accused can provide a document that implies he is not capable of raping, he may defend himself against a rape accusation. But if there were a slight penetration, whether the accused was incapable or not, he would be claimed as a rapist.

What Are The Consequences Of Rape?

A rapist can suffer the following consequences for rape:

  • They are put into jail for years, or they might be sentenced to a lifetime.
  • Has to register as a sex offender.
  • Lose their job.
  • Lose professional license
  • Lose custody of children

A rape case is enough to destroy a person’s life. So, falsely accused people try to find ways to defend a rape case.


After getting accused of a rape case, one has to contact an attorney as early as possible to defend rape accusations. A lawyer will investigate and prepare a defense to help the accused. One gets frustrated and worried due to a false rape case. But they have to control their emotions tactfully so that they can take the necessary steps to protect themselves.

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