When Should One Hire a Tax Attorney?

Even in the most straightforward circumstances, filing state or federal taxes can be complicated. And when an individual face complex tax issues, though, this confusing tax filing process can be downright intimidating to tackle without professional help. No matter the person’s income, deduction, occupation, or household demographics, working with a well-qualified San Diego tax attorney is always beneficial. These attorneys are experienced in helping clients avoid potential tax issues or ensuring they don’t worsen. Moreover, a tax attorney can communicate to the IRS on the client’s behalf, saving him time and energy. Read further to learn when to hire a tax attorney.

  • When Having an Outstanding Tax Debt with the IRS

Unpaid debts can be overwhelming and scary, whether due to unfiled taxes or errors in past filings. If taxes are not paid by a specified deadline, the IRS can garnish the payer’s wages, put a lien on his house, or free certain assets. To worsen the situation, payers might also face criminal charges.

Hiring a professional San Diego tax attorney is better to avoid such situations. These attorneys can talk to the IRS on their client’s behalf and represent him in negotiating a settled debt balance with the IRS for less than he owes. Moreover, tax attorneys assist their clients in developing an installment plan to pay the outstanding debt.

  • WhenThere is a Dispute Tax Bill

Even if an individual maintains records, consults with a CPA, and files taxes by the deadline, sometimes he might be audited and receive an unexpected tax bill. In such a case, a professional tax attorney can help explain the situation by determining the errors and telling them how to avoid the same mistakes. Moreover, a tax attorney can represent his clients if they want to fight the IRS.

  • When Making a Big Business Decision

How an entrepreneur structures and manages his business from inception to regular operations can notably impact tax structure. Any wrong decision can end up costing thousands of dollars. A tax attorney can guide business owners on the taxes a company can expect to pay, advise an entrepreneur on the strategies to reduce his tax burden, and help avoid expensive mistakes and unexpected tax bills.

  • When Having a Large Estate

If anyone has a large estate and wants to pass it to his loved ones, working with an experienced San Diego tax attorney can help ensure state or federal taxes do not consume a significant portion of its value. These attorneys can also help clients develop strategies to reduce estate and inheritance tax, like maximizing annual gift inclusions for family members or friends or forming a family trust.


Working with a professional tax attorney can be a notable investment. However, hiring the right tax attorney might be worthwhile when facing a complicated tax situation, like outstanding tax debt, structuring estate to reap tax benefits, or finding ways for businesses to save taxes. Before deciding, an individual must evaluate his situation, know his budget, and research shortlisted tax attorneys’ credentials, services, and packages.

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