Best Ways To Defend Against The Rape Of Child Allegations And Evidence

A child rape accusation is a severe offense that requires you to look for an attorney with the skills and experience to defend such a case pronto. The critical nature of such a case can make judges and the jury react unproportionally to the mere thought of the alleged conduct, making it hard for an innocent defendant to get acquitted. Being convicted isn’t the only repercussion; the stigma and embarrassment that follows are more significant than that of a murder charge. The charges may make one feel lost in their thoughts, and Marshall Defense Firm provides you with an excellent service that is free of judgment regardless of the evidence submitted. The evidence displayed need to be well tackled to guarantee your freedom through the following ways.

Defending against accusations of rape of a child

The case boils down to the accused party having sexual intercourse with a person who’s too young to consent. The rape of a child defense lawyer builds a strong defense by looking at the availed evidence against the accused with a critical eye. The complaining child’s statement forms the most significant part of the evidence, with the child telling someone that the accused had sex with them. The defense lawyers look keenly at the statements to check if they were made to someone who had an issue with the accused. The problems could bottle down to someone who suspected the accused had an improper interest in the child that would undermine the reliability of the statements. The statement gets well investigated to ensure the credibility of the statement before the other evidence gets examined.  If it is determined to be credible, the attorneys check the subsequent evidence provided.

Defending against Medical Evidence

In a rape case, sometimes, there is medical evidence such as the reddening of a child’s genitals or anus, A rape of a child defense lawyer could prove that the redness comes from other causes and not only from sexual activity. Other health signs could be notches in the hymen and other unusual features in the anus or genitals. Some health issues may be due to how the child was born hence the need to involve a physician to study the evidence. Once the physician proves that the child wasn’t raped, if possible, then the physician could testify. Unfortunately, some physicians refuse to testify for the rape of a child defense lawyer because some other physicians may attack them if they do.

Defending against DNA and other biological trace evidence

Biological trace evidence and DNA evidence require rigorous tests by the defense. Unfortunately, despite the DNA being backed up by science, the conclusions drawn by the physicians and the police could get derived from how they depict the suspect. The biasness is the one that makes the results disputed and mislead the judgments by the judge and the jury. Bad science becomes considered a danger, and an experienced attorney needs to confront it vigorously to ensure you don’t get punished for a crime you didn’t commit.

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