Expert Tips Of Winning A Child Custody Battle

Custody battles can be a lengthy and extremely difficult process that couples having children often undergo as a part of their divorce proceedings. Divorces are usually pretty warring and millions of parents around the globe have to go through this difficult situation. Although this is undesirable for everybody, legal proceedings have to be undertaken since it can significantly affect the remaining life of your child and also yourself. If you are someone who has to undergo the tough task of a child custody battle, then you have come to the right place. Today we are going to discuss some tips and tricks that might increase your winning chances at a custody battle. 

  • Emotions are known to run haywire during a divorce battle but you should always keep your emotions under control. The way you behave can have a big role to play in determining your ultimate success in a custody battle. Irrespective of the differences with your partner, you shouldn’t allow the same in tweaking your judgments. Expressing anger towards spouses and losing calm can be a big reason behind losing a case. 
  • You need to be very cautious while speaking around your partner. Any adverse sayings can be documented and used against you in the court of law for proving your unreliableness as a parent. However, if your partner says any adverse thing, then you need to be very cautious as you can also use the same to your benefit. All your documentations can benefit your lawyer in strengthening your case. 
  • Mediation can help prevent a custody fight from turning into a nasty battle. Rather it helps in properly planning the parenting guide with the assistance of a lawyer. Mediators can devise reasonable plans for better co-parenting. This is extremely beneficial for the mental health of your child as they are the worst affected when parents get divorced. Every child needs both its parents. Thus, maintaining a civil relationship with one another can help with the whole concept of co-parenting.
  • Before the court hearing, it is necessary to understand the areas of custody disagreement so that you and your lawyer can come up with the best strategy for tackling the same. Important points to discuss in this step are whether both the parents are requesting different visitation time amounts if any parent has been accused of neglect, drug abuse, or any kind of endangerment. Reviewing these details can help prepare the case and also gather evidence for issues the other parent might bring up during the legal battle.
  • The judge will consider different possibilities before passing their judgment. Some of these scenarios are the ability of each parent to properly raise the child, the mental and physical health of both the parents, their employment status, the level of intimacy the child shares with each parent, etc. Parents along with their appointed lawyers need to review such points from the judge’s perspective for building up a strong case. 
  • Once all the evidence has been gathered, parents need to prove their capability of caring for the child. Parents who encourage their children to engage in activities like music and sports can use such information to their benefit. Usually, the lawyers assist parents in assembling the necessary proof regarding the same.
  • Seeking the guidance and counsel of a lawyer can offer parents greater time to process the situation as the paperwork is taken care of by the experts. 


Judges usually consider the best interest of the child while determining the outcome of the custody battle. The Law Office of Amanda J. Cook can assist parents in navigating through the process by explaining to them the nitty-gritty of the legal process.     

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