How Mediation Can Save You Stress and Money

There are few things in life that cause more stress or uncertainty than divorce. Even the most

amicable of divorces, where both parties treat each other respectfully, are still

stressful and unpleasant ordeals. Some people think the only option is to get an attorney, which can in some cases be costly and add stress.  There is another option a mediator.   Natalie Chase who is a professional mediator with Solutions and Resolutions, tells us that the mediation for divorce option makes the process of separating one life into two simpler and less stressful.

How Does Divorce Mediation Work?

Divorce is a complicated process that involves negotiating dividing the joint assets between the

separating parties. This is complicated enough on its own, but it becomes many times more

difficult when emotions are running high and hurtful words are exchanged. Mediation provides a

private, neutral ground that is often more relaxed than a courtroom setting. The professional

mediator works to facilitate a fair outcome.

At the beginning of the process, both parties will meet with the mediator. This first session is

meant to give both sides of the divorce a chance to express themselves in a safe environment

and to establish the ground rules for the following sessions. In the subsequent steps, the

mediator may schedule individual meetings for each of the spouses, as well as more joint

sessions. This may continue until the terms of divorce are all settled and agreed upon.

No matter what type of session it is, the objective is to explore the best options to resolve the

outstanding issues and disputes. Mediation sessions give both spouse the opportunity to

determine what is important to each of them and what they are willing to compromise instead of

having a judge make those decisions for them.

Divorce becomes especially complicated when there are children to consider. But a mediator

can help the divorcing spouses to devise a parenting plan that both they and the children find

acceptable. A good mediator’s goal is to help the parents maintain a healthy environment for

raising children despite the changing circumstances.

At Solutions and Resolutions, we understand the pitfalls and stresses of the divorce process. We want to help to mitigate the stress, not contribute to it. Our firm helps people to move on and

adapt to their new lives by making the process as painless as possible and providing a strong

foundation for the future.

As neutral thirds parties, we listen to the needs and desires of everyone involved, helping to

facilitate an acceptable solution for all. You can trust us to help you begin this new phase of life.

Manolo Hilton
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