What to Be Careful of When Cycling in a Foreign Country

Renting a bicycle out the you are abroad is a great way to get around and to see things in and around where you are staying. A bicycle accident attorney friend of the site however does warn that you must ensure your safety when you are cycling in a foreign country. When you are cycling at home you must tread with caution and this is even more apparent when it comes to cycling in another country. This is not to discourage you from getting a bicycle of course, just a reminder that you should ensure that you are doing so in a safe way.

Awareness of Road Rules

If you are planning to cycle abroad then the first thing to be aware of is the road rules in the country that you are visiting. There are two main areas which you should focus on here, firstly the rules of the road for all users, and secondly the rights which you have on a bicycle. This can differ from country to country and it is why you must ensure that you are fully aware of what the rules are before you leave. The last thing you want is to cause an accident because you thought that the rules were the same as they are at home.

Correct Protection

If the rental company doesn’t provide you with the right kind of protection then you shouldn’t use them. There are many countries which have somewhat lax laws when it comes to making sure that people are safe on bicycles, which doesn’t mean that you should lower your guard. At the very least you should have a good quality helmet and additionally you should look to have elbow pads and clothes which will help to protect you.

Making Sure You Have a Map

Blindly exploring is a great way to see a new country but you should always make sure that you know the way home. Getting lost could mean that you take hasty decisions which could land you in trouble when you are on unfamiliar roads. If you are using a device then ensure it is charged up and if possible take a paper map with you as well.

Knowing The Procedure

Accidents are not always avoidable and should you find yourself in a situation whereby you do get involved in one, it is important that you understand what steps you should look to take. This could involve filing a police report and then speaking with your insurance directly afterwards. Always ensure that you do have insurance and speak with them about any recommendations which they have about what you should do directly after an accident occurs.

There is nothing to stop you from renting out a bicycle abroad, just ensure that you are doing all that you can to stay safe and to avoid any issues relating to an accident during your time there.

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