Personal Injury

Personal Injury Compensation Claims

Accidents can not only leave someone in unmeasurable pain but can also come with hefty financial burdens. When someone is involved in an accident caused by another party, filing for a compensation suit is the best thing to do.

But this never comes easy since the defendant may work to thwart all these attempts. The world has changed, and even to the obvious of cases of negligence, few people will agree to take responsibility.

That is when hiring a personal injury lawyer makes the biggest difference. Navigating the challenging journey towards a successful compensation claim is never easy. And more often than not, victims face bountiful challenges from every corner. The insurance company may fail to pay; the accused party may fail to comply with the requirements, or at some point, challenge the claims in a court.

Fortunately, at the Potts Law Firm, such people can find help. The office boasts experienced personal injury lawyers who can help in most of the claims regarding personal injury. Here are some of the specific cases the lawyers can help in.

Birth Injuries

A baby’s arrival is usually expected to be a joyous moment, but the unexpected may happen. These misfortunes may pose serious challenges to the child and, at some point, present severe financial and emotional distress.

These cases may arise from a nurse or physician’s negligence or error. The result may be catastrophic injuries and pain. Regardless of the case and the cause, the family should hold responsible the doctors and file a claim. Having a lawyer from Potts Law Firm can be an excellent way to navigate all the processes.

Car and Truck Accident

Both car and truck accidents can cause severe damages to the victims. From the injuries, emotional distress to losing a loved one at some point, the damages can be unbearable. Fortunately, at the Potts Law Firm, such victims can find relief through the assistance they get from the lawyers.

The attorneys will ensure the defendant’s insurance company accepts responsibility for the accident. That way, the client can rest easy knowing the immediate medical treatment bills are being taken care of, together with any other recoverable benefit.

Medical Malpractice

Like birth injuries, medical malpractice results from improper, unskilled, or negligent medical care for a patient. Common malpractice examples include misdiagnosis, unnecessary or wrong surgery, inappropriate medication, and improper testing to a host of several ill practices.

These cases can lead to several ailments and some unspeakable circumstances like death.  Such people will need a lawyer to file a lawsuit to hold the perpetrator into account. Also, to get that deserved compensation worth the pain and suffering.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death claims are the worst cases someone may ever handle. Essentially, these claims involve holding the defendant responsible for causing death to a loved one. While no monetary amount can ever make someone recover from losing a loved one, filing for compensation is just a way to relieve some of the burdens the circumstance comes with. Lawyers at the Potts Law Firm will help by pursuing every dollar someone deserves.

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