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What Claims Do Corpus Christi Personal Injury Lawyers Handle

Personal injury inflicted due to someone else’s negligence or recklessness can have serious repercussions. Personal injury laws are placed to protect the rights of victims who have injuries due to the carelessness of others. Various scenarios are subjected to this law. Here is a comprehensive list of claims that the Corpus Christi personal injury lawyer takes care of.

Types Of Personal Injury Claims

The first step to ensuring a holistic approach to the personal injury claim is to identify its type. Once the type is classified, the lawyer moves to making a demand estimate and issuing a notice to the defendant. As per the response of the dependant, the claim may be settled outside court. In case of disagreement, it leads to trial and a verdict. The crucial step here is identifying the type of claim and corresponding demand to compensate for the injury caused to the victim.

  • Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can cause massive damage to smaller vehicle passengers and drivers. A victim of truck accidents must contact a personal injury lawyer at the earliest to evaluate the case.

An 18-wheeler is another type of truck that can cause grave injury. 18-wheelers are enormous and often cause crippling injuries. Henceforth, the injuries cause a life-long ailment or, in some cases, dependent losses.

Dependent losses are defined as losses caused by losses due to the absence of an entity or person. If the family’s breadwinner faces devastating injury in an unfateful accident, it causes losses to the entire family.

  • Car Accidents

Car accidents are one of the most prone personal injury claims. An experienced lawyer can assist in claiming and dealing with such cases.

  •     Company Vehicle Accidents

Company vehicles refer to vehicles like school buses, dump trucks, construction vehicles, city buses, Lyft, Uber Vehicles, or Vehicles owned by the company for commercial use. The rules subjugate not only the driver or employee but also the company. These cases are more complex than the ones discussed above.

  • Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles, in general, are viewed as dangerous by many. However, an accident may occur even without any recklessness of the motorcyclist. Due to the apparent dangers, such accidents often turn out to be fatal. Therefore, the consequences are grave, and no delay should be done in consulting an experienced lawyer.

Another essential aspect of such accidents is the long duration of the healing process. The process may include not just physical but mental recovery as well. Corpus Christi personal injury lawyer recommends reaching out to an experienced lawyer as early as possible. Retaining factual information is more convenient in the early moments and might be crucial for claim settlement.

  • Premises Liability

Premise liability incorporates an unsafe, faulty, or hazardous environment on a property. Property owners need to ensure the safety of their guests failing which can cause fatal injuries. Appropriate repairs, installations, and control of hazardous sources is a mandatory activity expected of property owners. Damages caused due to the absence of such measures should be dealt with in a systematic legal way.

  • Workplace Accidents

As the name suggests, the injuries that occur at workplaces due to insufficient precautionary measures. Workplace accidents include many industries: oil and gas extraction and transportation, agriculture, warehousing, construction, etc.

By nature, these professions entail working amidst a dangerous environment. Hence an employer is bound to ensure safety measures and conduct drills often to prevent accidents from happening and reduce damage. Nevertheless, slip-ups happen to result in irreversible damage and injuries.

  • Wrongful Deaths

The loss of a loved one is distressing and painful. On top of it, losing a dear one to the mistakes of others can be even more tormenting. Wrongful deaths can be due to various reasons such as incorrect treatment, delay in treatment, unethical practice, etc. A lawyer identifies the most appropriate one to build a case.


Corpus Christi personal injury lawyer can save the victim from post-accident anguish over his/her sufferings. Contacting a well-versed lawyer can have significant benefits in building a case and meeting the desired settlement. A lawyer’s experience plays a vital role in personal injury cases as the defendant may be an influential party. Standing up to them requires not just facts but courage and experience too.

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