What Makes a Quality Bankruptcy Attorney?

Any bankruptcy can be a challenging and stressful situation. The skill and competence of the attorney handling the case shouldn’t be of concern. In fact, the attorney should be a source of confidence and comfort. The right bankruptcy attorney has the specialization, experience, professionalism, reputation, and personalization of service to handle any case successfully within the area of bankruptcy law.


Just as physicians specialize in a particular area of medicine, attorneys have the option to do the same. The best bankruptcy attorneys are those that specialize in that field. While there are attorneys that dabble in a variety of legal specialties, these attorneys are never experts at anything. An attorney that limits his or her practice to bankruptcy matters is likely to have greater expertise than one that handles bankruptcies, estate planning, divorces, and wrongful death cases.


Experience matters in the courtroom. Experience matters in the proper handling of a bankruptcy case. In general, the more years of experience a bankruptcy attorney has, the more effective that attorney will be when it matters. There are three general types of bankruptcies:

Once the proper Chapter filing for the situation is determined, it’s important to research how much experience the attorney has with that type of filing. For example, Chapter 7 cases are generally far less complex than Chapter 11 filings.


Professionalism is important in the courtroom and when dealing with clients.

How engaged is the attorney with the client?
How available is the attorney to answer questions and address concerns?
What level of service does a client receive?


There are many ways to check the reputation of a bankruptcy attorney. There are numerous online review sites that can be very helpful in determining the quality of an attorney. Local attorneys in other law specialties are generally well aware of the reputation of other attorneys in the local area.

Personalization of service

Every case is unique. Some cases involve extensive assets and complex business activities. Other cases are considerably more simple. However, every case deserves an approach and strategy that is tailored to the situation. Avoid those attorneys with a cookie-cutter approach.

Anyone dealing with bankruptcy should consider these factors when seeking the best possible attorney for his or her case. Fair Fee Legal Services ( is an excellent source for finding the best attorney at an excellent price.

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