Things to not ignore about Avandia class-action lawsuit

One of the known drugs that seem to have created a lot of buzzes over some time is Avandia. The reason why Avandia is in the news is because of its harmful side effects that have been hampering many people’s lives. This is a drug that has been used for treating diabetes. It is related to the increased risk of heart illness.

This kind of medicine proved to be effective in many ways but there is no denial of the fact that patients who have consumed this medicine were even prone to stroke, congestive heart failure and some other serious illness. That is why many patients with the help of the lawyer filed an avandia class action lawsuit against it.

About the settlement:

As the defendant failed to prove with evidence there was not any kind of fraud that happened, it was then decided that they will have to pay quite a hefty amount. The deadline for submitting the claims in candidate Avandia settlement soon ended. Those who are eligible to claim the compensation in such class action settlement need to make the right to submit the claim along with possible medical records whenever needed.

Talking about the settlement, the manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline shall have to pay up to $6.75 million (CAD) to settle the avandia class action lawsuit of Canada. This claims that the medication Avandia that was used for treating diabetes might have certain life-threatening effects which include heart failure or heart attacks.

The class-action settlement was given final approval in the year 2019. This settlement was for all the Canadian residents who have prescribed this medicine. Some might be decreased but certainly, their loved ones are entitled to receive the payment for the loss that this medicine has caused.

Eligibility criteria set:

It has been reported that residents of Canada who took this medicine are eligible only if they had taken it 30 days before the filing of the case that was done in the year 2010 December and then faced a problem like heart failure and heart attack or artery bypass graft. These legible patients will be entitled to get $18,333 from this settlement.

The compensation amount for the settlement of course varies as per the injury security. However, it is usually in the range of $3,333 and $18,333. Besides, the defendants had even agreed their will shall be a maximum payout amount of $6.75 million that will be valid till the number of claims exceeds the class members who will then be entitled to either get the low prorated amount.

What was the claim all about?

The lawyers who fought for this case stated that there had been some serious life-threatening injuries that must have occurred within a year after the medication was taken. Besides, if there had been a class member who is no more then the estate representative could file for the claim. The lawsuit was filed by some of the known plaintiffs like Barbara Fontaine and Albert Carl Sweetland who were Type 3 diabetic survivors who had faced some serious cardio illness. These plaintiffs undoubtedly recovered the compensation not just for themselves but also fought for the overall Canadian residents who were given the medication and later became a victim of heart damage.


Considering the whole settlement that has been done on this drug, it was stated that there has been the avandia class action lawsuit with certification that the Supreme court has granted. The class action is more like compensation for the patients who became a victim of this medicine’s side effects. Whether it was cardiovascular injuries or some serious illness, this medicine proved to be a harmful option that increased the death rate. Besides, the class counsel in the awareness and along with Avandia litigate in Canada stated where this medicine can be accessed. Even if the defendants did not accept the allegations that were made in the class action, eventually there was compensation that had to be paid.

The success rate of this case was only possible because of the hard work and dedication that expert lawyers had put up to fight against such serious concern.

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